“While traveling in West Africa, my family and I were stopped by a group of militants who opened fire on our Landcruiser with AK-47 assault rifles. As soon as the first shots were fired we accelerated quickly from the attackers. Our vehicle sustained nearly 30 shots with no penetration, and we were able to get away safely. Our TAC armored vehicle protected me and my family—we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our lives.”

“We recently took a trip to Mexico for a business conference. While traveling through town, some thugs tried to stop our SUV and motioned for me to get out of the vehicle. We assumed they were trying to extract me for kidnapping. However, we turned on our siren and strobe lights and stepped on the gas. Our potential enemies fled like ants and luckily no shots were fired. Sometimes, the armoring and options are enough of a deterrent that you can avoid an attack situation altogether. I was definitely grateful to have a Texas Armoring vehicle that day, and I’ll never travel to Mexico without one.”

“My TAC armored Mercedes-Benz saved my life. Over 100 shots were fired and nothing passed through the armor. I’ve ordered another vehicle for my wife, and I’m definitely glad I chose Texas Armoring to bulletproof my vehicle.”

“When the kidnappers hit my window with a bat, they were confused that the glass didn’t shatter—I drove home as quickly as I could and called the police. Nothing brings me more peace of mind than my bulletproof vehicle from Texas Armoring.”

“Our company has numerous vehicles from Texas Armoring. We’ve had three of our units in attack incidents thus far and each time all parties were able to flee safely without receiving so much as a scratch. Because of the lightweight armoring, our vehicles respond quickly and still have great performance.”

“My armored Lexus turned out beautiful, thank you TAC for an incredible finish!”

“As a CEO, protection is paramount. We’ve used Texas Armoring for over 15 years and we’ve always been safe. I would recommend them in any capacity.”

“After a recent attack we needed a new windshield—Texas Armoring flew technicians halfway across the world to do the install onsite. THAT is what I call service.”