About Texas Armoring Corporation: Protection. Performance. Prestige.

In the early 1970s, Trent Kimball’s father had a dream.  While working for the U.S. Government as a special agent and living in Latin America, he learned firsthand how armored vehicles can save lives and disarm would be terrorists, criminals, and kidnappers.

In short, his dream was to bring premium armored vehicles to the world’s elite and protect families across the globe—four decades and thousands of vehicles later, that dream has transformed into reality and lives on through his son.

Today, President and CEO Trent Kimball leads Texas Armoring Corporation and the company stands proudly as the market leader for manufacturing quality, lightweight armored cars, trucks, SUVs, and other specialty vehicles.

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    Our Purpose Our Guiding Principles

Our Purpose

Trent Kimball said it best: “Life is valuable—protect it.”  As a company, that’s a slogan that each employee takes to heart—from our front office, to our welding and trim shops, protecting life is a concept that our entire staff embraces.  It’s the primary reason we exist, and our purpose is to protect people throughout the world by supplying quality lightweight armored vehicles.  Second, our purpose is to create value for our clients, owners, employees, and community.  Third, we strive to lead our industry through product innovation, unparalleled protection, quality finishing, and superior customer service.

Our Vision

Looking forward, our goal is quite simply to improve.  We don’t believe that being the best is good enough, and we’re not satisfied with the status quo of a maturing industry.  In the coming years, we will continue to analyze and refine each and every one of our business and manufacturing processes to add more value for our clients.  We will strive to be a productive, profitable, and lean organization. Additionally, our vision, like many companies, is to expand and grow sustainably.  We will enter new markets, expand our production facilities, offer new products, and continue to increase our client base through consistently delivering superior products.

Our Guiding Principles

The world is changing rapidly and running a successful business can be an increasingly challenging task.  However, by sticking to our core values and adhering to the following principles, we aim to keep our focus and achieve our vision:

Always Create Value

       We will strive to eliminate waste and only pursue projects that will create real value for our clients, owners, and employees.

Be Accountable

        We will strive to be accountable to ourselves, our owners, and our clients.  We will take responsibility and solve problems to the         best of our ability.

Be Efficient

       We will strive to always to work smarter and to be efficient while keeping quality standards high.

Be Honest and Have Integrity

       We will strive to be honest with all those we come in contact with.  We aim to be honest in our communications and our specifications.  We will speak with candor and have integrity, even when it isn’t popular.

Focus on Our Strengths

       We will always focus on what we know how to do best and we won’t pursue other opportunities unless they’re things that we can do well.

Lead the Market

       We will not follow our industry blindly.  We will strive to innovate, improve, and raise the bar for our competitors and partners.

Listen to Our Clients

       We will strive to listen to our clients and change accordingly.  We will focus on the market and ensure that we’re always meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Sell Only Quality Products

       We will only sell products that we’re proud of and that will protect our clients well.  We will not lower our standards with the short-sided hopes of being more “competitive.”  We will strive to always remember that the reason we’re in business (above all else) is to protect life.