Land Rover’s new fourth generation Range Rover SUPERCHARGED (full-size, now available with standard or long wheelbase) is unmistakably Range Rover. The underlying chassis and updated, aluminum body have been developed from the ground up to provide ultimate luxury, following the innovative spirit of the original design from over 40 years ago. Texas Armoring Corporation has armored several fourth generation Range Rover units with excellent results–below is a sample gallery showcasing one of our recently completed units with our full, Premium T6 Ultra-Lightweight Armoring Package which is designed to defeat the following threats:

High-Power Rifle Threats
7.62x63mm (.30-06), M1906 Ball [M1903 Springfield]  |  7.62x54mmR, FMJ [Dragunov SVD]  |  7.62x51mm NATO (.308), M80 Ball FMJ [FAL]  |  5.56x45mm NATO (.223), M193 FMJ [M16]  |  7.62x39mm, FMJ [AK-47]

Handgun and Shotgun Threats
.38 Special, FMJ [S&W M15]  |  9x19mm, FMJ [Glock 17]  |  .357 Magnum, JHP [Colt Python]  |  .45 ACP, FMJ [M1911]  |  .44 Magnum, JHP [S&W M29]  |  12 ga., Slug [Shotgun]

Additionally, you can download the complete OEM brochure with specifications here, or you can view the brochure in gallery format below: