Everything we do here at Texas Armoring is geared toward performance–this is true in terms of ballistic performance (i.e., protection) and in terms of actual vehicle performance (responsiveness, handling, etc.).  Most of you know that our armoring packages are about 50% lighter than average in our industry and that we add basic suspension/braking upgrades to every bulletproof vehicle we produce.

However, what some of you may not know is that the sky, or the budget, truly is the limit with regard to the type of performance we can provide.  500 HP?  No problem. 1000 HP? No problem, but it’s going to cost you :).  Basic engine upgrades start at about $25K and range up to $100K or more, and ultra-high-performance braking systems can set you back anywhere from $10-20K if you really want to heat up those rotors.

So, for your next armored vehicle project, go big or go home–we’ll make your dreams come true.