LIKE A BOSS! Trent Kimball after being shot at with an AK-47

San Antonio, TX (BUSINESSWIRE) September 06, 2011 – Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), the world leader in lightweight armored cars and bulletproof vehicles, released a controversial ballistic demonstration video last week where the company’s CEO, Trent Kimball, allowed an employee to shoot at him with an AK-47 while sitting behind a ballistic windshield. The video was appropriately titled “This is what it’s like to be shot at with an AK-47.” According to the company, the video has received an overwhelming response (nearly 2,000,0000 views on YouTube in just a few short days), and has been syndicated on thousands of blogs, social networks, and international websites.

Company CEO Trent Kimball commented, “While the test is obviously very dangerous, sitting behind the glass wasn’t scary for me at all—I’ve seen the product work hundreds of times, and I know that our armoring materials are the best in the world. Truth-be-told, I was tired of having clients question me on the ballistic integrity of our glass, and so I told my staff I wanted to shoot the video and have them shoot at me, no pun intended. After all, if I’m not willing to trust my life to our materials, then why should our clients? Besides, Lawrence (the shooter in the video) is an incredible marksman!”

Lawrence Kosub shooting at Trent Kimball with an AK-47

Lawrence Kosub shooting at Trent Kimball with an AK-47

TAC Executive Vice President Jason Forston added, “The video is ground-breaking and it’s really incredible to watch. I’ve easily seen it over 100 times myself, and I think Jalopnik’s Matt Hardigree said it best: ‘It’s loud, scary, dangerous, and completely awesome.’ As we were filming the demonstration last Tuesday, we knew that it would get a decent amount of attention. However, we didn’t expect it to go viral and become a global phenomenon—in the past week our website traffic has increased exponentially, and we’ve had visits from over 140 countries. The video was planned, filmed, and edited in less than 24 hours and it came together brilliantly. It would be difficult to buy this kind of exposure, and because of the syndication on other websites we can’t even fully measure the reach at this point.”

Forston joked, “Not that we recommend it, but apparently the idea of shooting at your boss with an AK-47 (even if he or she is behind bulletproof glass) resonates well with the working class!”

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