Yes.  We offer a 12-month warranty on all of our added work.  Additional/extended warranties can be purchased if desired.

Of course—client tours are almost always available.  Please call our offices at +1.210.333.0211 or e-mail us at to schedule a visit today

We are in the business of saving lives and as such we do not offer potentially lethal options. Tear gas (along with other similar chemicals and weapons) has been placed under strict government regulation and is not offered as an option on our vehicles.

We offer a custom-engineered solution for most armoring packages that will allow at least the front windows to maintain operability for limited use on toll ways, checkpoints, and during document transfers.  In some cases, all windows may maintain operability—if this is a requirement, please inform your sales associate and he will advise accordingly.

Absolutely! Visit our limousine page to view some of the vehicles we have completed for our existing clients. When you select our CEO interior and limousine conversion packages, the range of customizations is literally limitless and virtually no cost is spared to ensure that you are perfectly happy with your one-of-a-kind, custom vehicle.

Our specialized process allows us to use all original factory trim panels on the interior and maintain the factory appearance as closely as possible. Lower-cost solutions will use ill-fitting, custom panels that severely impact the natural appearance of the vehicle.

You tell us! Each vehicle in our gallery is fully armored–would you have been able to tell? An important aspect of having an armored vehicle is that of maintaining a low profile, and our 30 years of experience have allowed us to perfect techniques that allow us to maintain the vehicle’s factory appearance–inside and out.

We offer custom protection solutions to fit your individual needs. Oftentimes our clients are concerned about their engine being disabled by gunfire so we have put together several options that will allow full protection of the engine compartment.

The vast majority of the time, no.  Our specialized armoring process allows us to armor the factory hatch, saving valuable weight and space. Other companies that do not armor the hatch but instead opt to add a rear bulkhead are doing so as a cost saving measure – there is no additional protection offered by having an armored door behind the factory rear hatch.

Adding any weight to a vehicle will have an impact on handling if the proper reinforcements are not made, so we upgrade suspension and braking components as necessary to ensure that the factory handling characteristics of the vehicles we build are left mostly intact.

Weight added will depend on the level of armoring requested and the type of vehicle to be armored. We will add between 400-1,500lbs on a typical SUV for our most common armoring packages.

Many companies are offering bottom-of-the-barrel armoring packages at deeply discounted rates.  These packages usually employ all-steel armoring, sub-standard bulletproof glass, and armor that may or may not truly meet ballistic standards. In contrast, we offer lightweight composite packages that utilize space-age composite materials and cutting-edge installation techniques for maximum protection coverage. All-steel armoring packages are considered second rate and will typically weigh 1,500 lbs more than our lightweight packages. This unnecessary added weight has a severe impact on the maneuverability and overall lifespan of the vehicle, basically negating any cost savings associated with such a package.

We understand the importance of having an armored vehicle as soon as possible and we do everything in our capacity to complete your project in a timely manner. It is important to remember that the process of armoring a vehicle is not as simple as bolting on an accessory kit. An honest timeframe for having a vehicle armored is approximately 90-150 days.  Rush orders are available on a limited basis.

Typically, we require 100% of the chassis cost + 50% of the armoring/conversion cost upfront with the final 50% due prior to delivery. All payments must be made via wire transfer or certified bank check. Letter of credit purchases are accepted on a case-by-case basis on vehicle orders in excess of 20 units or more.

Absolutely! 90% of our clients reside or have residences outside of the U.S., and we frequently coordinate international shipping for their vehicles. Part of our complete service advantage is that we will coordinate all necessary documentation to prepare our clients vehicles for international transport.  NOTE: All clients must strictly adhere to U.S. Government ITAR and FCPA regulations.

Costs vary from $55,000 all the way up to $500,000 and beyond.  The final cost will ultimately depend on the level of armoring and the amount of customizations requested. We are a premium automotive armoring company, offering unparalleled quality and service along with custom engineered solutions to meet the strict demands of our high-profile clientele—if you’re looking for a cheap deal, we’re probably not the right partner for you.

Retrofitting a vehicle with armor is a lot like open heart surgery—it takes time, specialized equipment, and an incredible amount of knowledge and skill to do the job correctly.  Continuing with the analogy, if a surgeon performs the surgery correctly and does the job well, it will hopefully save the patient’s life.  Such is the case with armoring, and with the right knowledge, materials, and process, armored vehicles can save lives.

It’s relevant to note that most patients in need of open heart surgery would not call around and look for the cheapest doctor in the world to perform the surgery—they would look for the best doctor.  We hope that you will do the same when it comes to armoring your vehicle—we would advise you not to look for the company claiming to be “cheapest” or “quickest,” but we would advise you to look for the best company with a proven track record of results.

Unfortunately, .50 cal protection is not easy to achieve when retrofitting a passenger vehicle due to weight and size constraints.  While possible, it’s not readily offered.  For clients truly in need of .50 cal protection, we likely would offer a military-style vehicle modified for passenger use.  Those interested in this product line are required to put down a sizeable good faith deposit and must have no budget/time restraints for our engineers to even consider the project.

The level of armor recommended will depend greatly on the location of use and the types of threats that are present (for high-risk clients, we almost always recommend a professional threat assessment by trained security experts). For example, we recommend our T6 protection level to most of our clients in West Africa, Mexico, Russia, and South America because high-powered rifles are the predominant weapons used by criminals in each of those regions. Conversely, in the U.S. and in parts of Asia we typically recommend T4 protection since most criminal acts are carried out with small arms or pistols. The choice is ultimately up to each individual client, but our sales staff will gladly make a recommendation based on experience.  (View our protection levels chart)

Yes! We can armor nearly any make and model. Some models may be limited to lower levels of armoring due to power and chassis constraints, but as long as the vehicle is new or in like-new condition, it will almost definitely be a candidate for armoring.