About TAC Bulletproof Vehicle Products

With nearly four decades of bulletproof manufacturing experience, Texas Armoring Corporation offers a wide variety of armored specialty vehicles for distinguished clients throughout the world.

Through a focus on quality and process improvement, we continue to lead our industry in terms of protection specifications, lightweight armor, and finishing standards. All products are manufactured in San Antonio, TX, USA and we strive exceed our clients’ expectations in the following categories:

Texas Armoring Bullet Resistant Products

For clients looking for a low-profile protection solution, we offer premium armored personal cars (sedans), trucks, SUVs, vans and buses.

Additionally, we offer our world renowned ultra-luxury CEO interior package along with custom stretched limousine solutions

For clients interested in bulletproof cash-in-transit vehicles, we can supply armored vans or large traditional armored bank trucks.

For military or law enforcement agencies, we also offer specialized SWAT trucks or tactical vans and SUVs customized to the specific application.

Parts & Materials

We can supply spare automotive replacement parts (e.g., brake pads, rotors, shocks, springs, lights, tires, wheels, runflat inserts, etc. ) and ship internationally. In addition to parts, we also offer armoring materials (e.g., bulletproof glass, ballistic steel, Spectra Shield, Kevlar, etc.) and basic armoring kits on a limited basis (U.S. Govt. approval required). For current clients, general equipment procurement services are also available.

Security Services

Whether you need a security/surveillance system, professional threat assessment, onsite executive protection (bodyguards), or even a custom armored panic room (safe room) with a secret passageway, we have a network of experts and partners at our disposal.

Don’t have time to choose a new car, we got you covered with our selection of used armored vehicles.