About TAC’s Bulletproof Tactical & SWAT Trucks

While passenger vehicles and luxury limousines make up our flagship product lines, TAC also offers premium Tactical and SWAT units for police departments, SWAT teams, military organizations, and foreign governments (NOTE: All vehicles must receive ITAR approval from the U.S. State Department).

SWAT vehicles can range from traditional, large breaching/combat-style vehicles designed to handle sustained fire to smaller SWAT vans and tactical SUVs. These vehicles are available to limited clients with U.S. Government Approval.

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Armored Tactical & SWAT Trucks, Vans, and SUVs

Texas Armoring offers tactical SWAT units in an effort to protect law enforcement and distinguished military personnel from violent attacks during close combat situations. As a solution to the active-shooter dilemma, our tactical response vehicles are designed for breaching and can handle sustained high-power rifle fire. Our SWAT units can defeat 7.61 x 51 NATO AP rounds and we even have packages that provide true .50 cal protection.

SWAT vehicles are available with a variety of options including specialized light packages, LRAD defense systems, gun ports, sirens, thermal imaging cameras, and even rotating sniper stands for returning fire from a ballistically protected vantage point. Our goal is to keep police officers and military personnel safe in even the most dangerous situations. Vehicles can be produced in nearly any color to accommodate SWAT teams, police forces, armies, or other specialty tactical government organizations.

SWAT vehicles can range from extra large command-center style units (see below) to smaller trucks and SUV-style workhorses. All vehicles are engineered using the highest-quality ballistic materials. TAC SWAT units provide superior protection, style, and functionality.

Texas Armoring can even offer extremely low-profile tactical solutions on chassis like the Chevrolet Suburban, Toyota Landcruiser, or other off-road vehicles. These units are designed for tactical military/police use, but don’t draw attention like a large SWAT breaching vehicle. Contact us today to discuss tactical and SWAT vehicles with a security specialist!

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