About TAC’s Distinguished Client Portfolio

clientele_main_armored_bulletproof_maybach_62Government statistics have shown that 80% – 90% of all terrorist attacks occur while the victimand/or family members are traveling by automobile. Especially at risk are high-profile targets such as heads of state, religious leaders, diplomats, politicians, industrialists, celebrities, business owners, and corporate executives. Sadly, no one is safe from the threat of terrorist attacks. Terrorists attack with every possible weapon.

However, their most prolific weapon (even more effective than guns and explosives) is fear.  Terrorists and criminals prey on weakness and depend upon their victims’ vulnerability. Consequently, a terrorist attack or kidnapping attempt is most likely to occur while the victim is traveling by car—a time when most people are virtually defenseless. Knowing this, Texas Armoring engineers its vehicles to be rolling fortresses that are safeguarded against the vast majority of violent attacks, and TAC vehicles are capable of defeating up to 7.62 x 51 AP munitions.

Our goal is to disarm potential terrorists and put our clients back in control through armoring their personal vehicles. Our clients range from middle-class private citizens, to famous heads of state, comprising an impressive (seemingly endless) client portfolio.

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Our Clientele Abroad

Client privacy is extremely important to us, and we never release client information to unauthorized third parties.  We have produced thousands of vehicles for distinguished clients throughout the world including over 60 international governments and over 40 foreign heads of state.  We have also delivered numerous armored units for large multinational corporations to protect employees in developing markets.  The TAC client portfolio boasts prominent heads of state, politicians, religious leaders, business executives, diplomats, celebrities, athletes, and royal families.  We even had the honor of bulletproofing the Pope Mobile for his visits to Mexico.


Protection Close to Home

While exports have always made up a large portion of our business, in recent years we have seen a great deal of demand close to home.  Physicians, attorneys, business owners, executives, and investors have chosen TAC to protect their most valuable assets—their families.  Texas Armoring offers lower level protection packages that can be installed on nearly any passenger vehicle and offer a strong defense against small arms and pistol fire.  Additionally, TAC strives to meet the needs of domestic law enforcement and government agencies whenever possible.armored_vehicle_low_profile_protection

Low Profile Protection

No matter the client, TAC always strives to produce vehicles that are exceptionally low profile and are virtually indistinguishable from factory units.  The first line of defense is to avoid an attack altogether, and our vehicles tend to blend right in with just about everything else on the road.armored_vehicle_low_profile_protection_explorer_van

Client Feedback

While we never release client names, many of our clients share their experiences with us.  Below are a few choice quotes from clients that we have been given permission to share:

While traveling in West Africa, my family and I were stopped by a group of militants who opened fire on our Landcruiser with AK-47 assault rifles.  As soon as the first shots were fired we accelerated quickly from the attackers.  Our vehicle sustained nearly 30 shots with no penetration, and we were able to get away safely.  Our TAC armored vehicle protected me and my family—we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our lives.


We recently took a trip to Mexico for a business conference.  While traveling through town, some thugs tried to stop our SUV and motioned for me to get out of the vehicle.  We assumed they were trying to extract me for kidnapping.  However, we turned on our siren and strobe lights and stepped on the gas.  Our potential enemies fled like ants and luckily no shots were fired.  Sometimes, the armoring and options are enough of a deterrent that you can avoid an attack situation altogether.  I was definitely grateful to have a Texas Armoring vehicle that day, and I’ll never travel to Mexico without one.


My TAC armored Mercedes-Benz saved my life.  Over 100 shots were fired and nothing passed through the armor.  I’ve ordered another vehicle for my wife, and I’m definitely glad I chose Texas Armoring to bulletproof my vehicle.


When the kidnappers hit my window with a bat, they were confused that the glass didn’t shatter—I drove home as quickly as I could and called the police.  Nothing brings me more peace of mind than my bulletproof vehicle from Texas Armoring.


Our company has numerous vehicles from Texas Armoring.  We’ve had three of our units in attack incidents thus far and each time all parties were able to flee safely without receiving so much as a scratch.  Because of the lightweight armoring, our vehicles respond quickly and still have great performance.


My armored Lexus turned out beautiful, thank you TAC for an incredible finish!


As a CEO, protection is paramount.  We’ve used Texas Armoring for over 15 years and we’ve always been safe.  I would recommend them in any capacity.


After a recent attack we needed a new windshield—Texas Armoring flew technicians halfway across the world to do the install onsite.  THAT is what I call service.